Rooted in a shared belief of hope and compassion, we strive to heal and restore those impacted by trauma through a combined practice of counseling, creative expression and wellness.




Center for Hope and Healing, LLC is a trauma informed counseling practice that is specialized and designed to treat children and adults who have become imbalanced from traumatic responses to distressing and/or life threatening event(s) either directly or indirectly, in any facet of functioning and living. We offer hope and healing to children, adolescents, adults and their families.


Our highly compassionate staff and clinicians help clients heal traumatic responses to traumatic events through a variety of best practices and empirically found interventions. Members of the clinical staff utilize interventions including; TF CBT, CBT, EMDR art therapy, play therapy, and motivational interviewing. The Center for Hope and Healing, LLC takes a creative approach to healing those affected by trauma responses to trauma experiences through blending trauma therapy with artistic expression and wellness.

Toinette Toni Shearer, LPC, CCTP, CATP, CJSOTS



Toinette “Toni” Shearer has been providing counseling and leadership in human and social services for 31 years. Ms. Shearer earned a Masters of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1991 from Antioch New England Graduate School.  Her class was a prototype for what would soon become a degree in Marriage and Family.  Despite an ongoing passion and commitment for working with children and adults who identify with being abused, professional circumstances created opportunity for her to become additionally specialized in working with adult sexual offenders, youth with problematic sexual behaviors and perpetrators of family violence. Ms. Shearer’s commitment has always been for those most vulnerable and doing her part to make communities, families, and individuals safer from emotional, physical and sexual violence.


Ms. Shearer feels fortunate to have had opportunities to be creative and develop cutting edge programming. Such programming included chaperone training, a visitation center and an in home, intensive program for youth with problematic sexual behaviors.


Ms. Shearer is a Licensed Professional Counselor in PA who is specialized in sexual and family violence. Ms. Shearer is trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Child & Adolescent Trauma Professional and Certified Family Trauma Professional, through the International Association of Trauma Professionals and also is certified as both; a Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment Specialist and an Assessor of Juvenile Sexual Offender Risk.


The Center of Hope and Healing, LLC is a dream come true which grew from a culmination of personal and professional experiences, a deep commitment for non-violence and a desire to help people feel less pain while finding hope, safety and balance.




Jennifer Julick, LPC CCTP CJSOTS





Allison Mohney, BSW CJSOTS





Nia Johnson-Shearer


Nia enjoys working closely with clients at our Camp Hill office and is always ready to assist in answering questions on both scheduling appointments and information about our class schedules as well as other center events. With a smile and her engaging personality, Nia is always ready to assist with a kindness and compassion.









Deborah Stauffer



"Deborah “Debbie” has been providing counseling for over 40 years with the last 25 years being in private practice serving children, adults, and families in Maine focused mainly on treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD although she has had experience with a variety of other issues.  Her work with PTSD has involved healing from domestic violence, childhood sexual and physical abuse, and work related trauma.


Having earned a Bachelor's Degree in psychology at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana and a Masters Degree in social work from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, Debbie started her career working as a case manager in developmental disabilities in Wisconsin and went on to be a medical social worker in South Carolina.  She also worked as a consultant to Hospice and assisted in developing an area-wide grief recovery program. Prior to going into private practice she was employed at the children’s unit of a local community mental health center where she learned play therapy.


Debbie also has extensive training in reactive attachment and trauma which led earlier in her career to providing services to young children who were either adopted or in foster care.  She facilitated bringing trainings and providing trainings in attachment work in the Maine area and became an expert witness advocating for young children who don’t have a voice in the court system.  This area of interest was humbling in learning how resilient we all are and led Debbie to a philosophy that most of us do the best we can with what we have learned and have been exposed to. In honoring that experience, it opens up possibilities for change through work in various modalities.


Passionate about promoting growth and helping others to be more whole, Debbie is also trained in EMDR, DBT, sand tray therapy and various other modalities with a trauma informed lens.


Debbie is relishing giving up private practice in order to spend more time with her three grandchildren and to reconnect with hobbies in music, stained glass, dance and travel."








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