Center for Hope & Healing

A Trauma Recovery, Wellness and Training Center

The Center for Hope and Healing, LLC takes a creative approach to healing those affected by trauma responses to traumatic experiences through blending trauma therapy with artistic/creative expression and wellness.
"If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can escape a hardship today."
Thich Nhat Hanh
"Art is a wound turned into light."
Georges Braque
“The core experiences of psychological trauma are disempowerment and disconnection from others.  Recovery, therefore, is based on the empowerment of the survivor and the creation of new connections. Recovery can take place only within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation.”
Judith Herman
Trauma and Recovery, 1997
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Our Mission

Rooted in a shared belief of hope and compassion, we strive to heal and restore those impacted by trauma through a combined practice of counseling, creative expression and wellness.

Working as a united team, we will not only contribute to the social impact of trauma by providing our associates with tools and training necessary for job excellence, we are also committed to educating other professionals and communities on the impact of trauma and how to heal.

Our Services

The Center for Hope and Healing, LLC is a specialized counseling center designed to treat children and adults who have become imbalanced after experiencing a distressing and/or life threatening event either directly or indirectly, in any facet of functioning and living.

We utilize trauma informed approach to practicing this specialized therapeutic intervention.

The use of both licensed and licensed eligible clinicians with specialization in trauma will commit to helping others to re-balance and heal.

Assessment / Evaluations

  • Trauma and/or impact of abuse assessments
  • Psycho-sexual evaluations for youth with identified problematic sexual behaviors
  • Parental Capability Assessments for providing safety for Children
  • Counseling Services

    • Individual
    • Couples
    • Family
    • Group

    Education / Consultation

  • Professional Trainings and Education
  • Education for Parents and Families
  • Consultation
  • News

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