Our Vision

Center for Hope and Healing, LLC is a trauma informed counseling practice that is specialized and designed to treat children and adults who have become imbalanced from traumatic responses to distressing and/or life threatening event(s) either directly or indirectly, in any facet of functioning and living. We offer hope and healing to children, adolescents, adults and their families.
Our highly compassionate staff and clinicians help clients heal traumatic responses to traumatic events through a variety of best practices and empirically found interventions.
Members of the clinical staff utilize interventions including; TF CBT, CBT, DBT, EMDR, play therapy, and motivational interviewing.

A Creative Approach

The Center for Hope and Healing, LLC takes a creative approach to healing those affected by trauma responsesto traumatic experiences through blending trauma therapy with artistic expression and wellness.
We are committed to engaging clients in multiple facets of life and expression.  Community artists and wellness instructors will offer structured opportunities, most often in group formats, with the addition of a specialized therapist at most events. The expressive arts and wellness opportunities are a way to learn multiple forms of expression of feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and memories in ways that words cannot.

Our Unique Delivery

What makes Center for Hope and Healing, LLC unique in our delivery is the use of expressive arts and wellness models.
Expressive arts include activities such as dancing, drawing, drama, drumming, creative writing, painting, poetry, music, sculpting, and photography.
Wellness will be offered to additionally enhance the therapeutic interventions and the expressive arts to create relaxed bodies and increased emotional balance.  Wellness activities will include  meditation, yoga, fitness, motivational speakers, and nutrition.
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